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Dunford Liscio

Dunford Liscio is a Brampton based supplier of contracting services for HVAC,  Electrical, Regrigeration systems, and more...

Dunford Liscio, a Brampton-based provider of contracting services specializing in HVAC, electrical, and refrigeration systems, recently faced a pivotal decision when their old plasma cutter began to deteriorate. Recognizing the need for a more advanced solution, they opted to explore fiber laser technology instead of purchasing another plasma cutter. This strategic move has significantly enhanced their operational efficiency.

Mikon’s fiber laser machine, a cutting-edge solution in the industry, has transformed Dunford Liscio’s production capabilities. The fiber laser provides faster cutting speeds, which has been critical in reducing job times and increasing throughput. Unlike the traditional plasma cutters, the fiber laser emits less smoke, creating a cleaner working environment and reducing the need for extensive ventilation systems. Moreover, the precision of the fiber laser allows for finer detailing in HVAC fittings, which is paramount for the custom specifications required in many of their projects.

One of the most notable improvements with the introduction of the fiber laser is the improved output quality. The machine’s shuttle table facilitates continuous operation and reduces downtime, which is a significant upgrade over the previous plasma setups. This feature alone has led to a boost in productivity by allowing for quicker setup times and seamless transitions between cutting jobs.

Additionally, the integration of the fiber laser into Dunford Liscio’s existing workflow was seamless, thanks to the compatibility with their legacy HVAC design software. The CAM system on the Mikon laser machine integrates effortlessly with their current design tools, eliminating the learning curve typically associated with new technology adoption. This compatibility has allowed the Dunford Liscio team to transition without disruption and leverage the full capabilities of the fiber laser immediately.

By adopting Mikon’s fiber laser technology, Dunford Liscio not only future-proofed their operations but also enhanced their service offering, ensuring they remain competitive and continue to meet the evolving needs of their clients with efficiency and precision.

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