CNC Machine Financing Solutions

Mikon Machinery Group understands the importance of investing in new CNC Cutting Machines for business growth. We offer flexible CNC Machine Financing solutions, simplifying the acquisition of the latest technology. Our tailored financing plans fit your unique business needs, empowering your expansion with premier CNC machines.

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For new CNC Cutting Machine purchases, Mikon Machinery Group offers a variety of CNC Machine Financing solutions to make your investment more affordable. 

In-house Financing & Leasing Options 

At Mikon Machinery Group, we’re deeply committed to supporting our customers through economic uncertainties, helping you align your business priorities and navigate financial impacts with greater ease. Our in-house finance specialists collaborate seamlessly with our sales team, delivering personalized support designed to expedite your purchase process, enhance your buying experience, and positively influence your financial outcomes.

From the initial inquiry to the final approval, our CNC Machine Financing process is streamlined for your convenience. We pride ourselves on offering same-day approvals, maintaining a high 98% approval rate, and providing competitive interest rates as low as 5.0%. Our focus is on providing tailored financing options that complement our top-tier CNC machines, ensuring your investment is both strategic and beneficial.

Attractive Prices and Fixed Payments 

Low, fixed payments are more easily affordable than paying a large lump sum up-front. 

  • Flexible Terms : Unlike traditional lending, we can customize terms, payment due dates, and more! 
  • Tax Benefits: We can structure financing to get the best tax advantages for your business. 
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