Cambrian College

Cambrian College, the leading post-secondary institution in Northern Ontario since 1967, continues to excel in education and applied research. Their nationally recognized applied research and development team supports industry partners across various sectors by addressing R&D challenges and facilitating product development. Recently, Cambrian College has enhanced its research capabilities with the installation of the 5000 Series CNC Waterjet by MultiCam Canada.
  • Installation Type: 5000 Series CNC Waterjet
  • Industry: College, Research and Development
  • Customer Since: 2021
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Cambrian College is renowned for its robust applied research department, which provides critical support to various industry sectors. The college offers access to cutting-edge technology, including 3D printers, a 5-axis CNC milling machine, and the newly installed 5000 Series CNC Waterjet. These resources are instrumental in prototype development and solving complex research problems.

Cambrian College’s Advanced CNC Machinery

The 5000 Series CNC Waterjet, recently integrated into Cambrian College’s Applied Research Department, is an advanced 5-axis cutting system known for its high performance and precision. This machine is built with an all-steel frame, which minimizes vibration and ensures the durability necessary for cutting intricate parts accurately and cleanly.

Benefits of the 5000 Series CNC Waterjet

  • High Precision: The 5000 Series CNC Waterjet provides exceptional accuracy, essential for detailed prototype development and complex research projects.
  • Ease of Use: Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the system allows for efficient operation by students and researchers, enhancing productivity.
  • Durability: The all-steel frame construction nearly eliminates vibration, ensuring long-term reliability and consistent performance.
  • Versatility: With its 5-axis capabilities, the waterjet can handle a wide range of materials and intricate cutting tasks, making it ideal for diverse research applications.
Cambrian College installed waterjet

Comprehensive Research and Development Services

Cambrian College leverages its advanced technology and expertise to offer extensive R&D support:

  • Prototype Development: Utilizing the 5000 Series CNC Waterjet, Cambrian College aids in the creation of precise and functional prototypes, accelerating product development cycles.
  • Applied Research: The college’s research team collaborates with industry partners to tackle R&D challenges, employing state-of-the-art tools to develop innovative solutions.
  • Educational Opportunities: Students gain hands-on experience with advanced machinery, preparing them for careers in high-tech industries and fostering innovation.


Cambrian College’s investment in the 5000 Series CNC Waterjet underscores their commitment to maintaining their leadership in applied research and education. By providing access to top-tier technology, the college ensures that both students and industry partners can achieve their research and development goals efficiently and effectively.

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