water jet cnc machine

Heavy Duty Waterjet for intricate shapes

MJT 5 axis waterjet

The MJT 5 axis bridge type waterjet, built on the robust MJT 3 axis model platform, features a high-speed Bosch controller and 5-axis cutting head for precise cuts on complex geometries, making it ideal for both metal and non-metal materials.

MJT Series 5 axis Waterjet

Multiple Intensifier pump

options up to 100 HP,

6000 Bar (87,000 PSI)

Bosch Industrial Controller

Heavy plate welded tank, painted,

complete with lifting hooks

Simultaneous 5 axis

cutting head without

high pressure coil,

allows for smooth motion

Thick industrial bellows to

keep out dirt and water to

protect motion system

Standard Specifications
  • 4000 BAR (58,000 PSI)  55 HP intensifier pump
  • 5 axis Bosch Controller
  • Manual hand wheel
  • Pressurized automatic lubrication
  • Reinforced/Galvanized steel slats and supports to resist corrosion
  • Pressurized abrasive hopper
  • 5000 BAR (73,000PSI) 75  HP Pump
  • Second cutting head
  • Workpiece measurement sensor (establish top of workpiece)
  • Electric Drill to start pierce point on laminated materials
  • Rotary Axis
  • Chiller
  • Garnet Removal System
( WxL)
5’3″ x 10’2″ (1600x3100mm)
6’7″ x 10’2″ (2000x3100mm)
6’7″ x 13’2″ (2000x4000mm)
6’7″ x 19’8″ (2000x6000mm)
9’10” x 19’8″ (3000x6000mm)
6’7″ x 39’5″ (2000x12000mm)
9’10” x 39’5″ (3000x12000mm)
13’2″ x 39’5″ (4000x12000mm)

Table travel may be limited in 5 axis mode to prevent cutting into side of tank

IGEMS annual or permanent license


Versatile Material Cutting

The MJT 5-axis Waterjet CNC machine demonstrates exceptional versatility with its ability to precisely cut a variety of materials. From cutting through thick 135 mm Aluminum with ease to intricately shaping Coal Gaskets, the machine operates with impeccable accuracy. It also showcases its finesse by carving detailed patterns into Marble and executing clean cuts in Silicon. This adaptability to both hard and soft materials underscores its suitability for industries that work with Metals, Plastics, Stone, Glass, and Rubber, offering them a single solution for diverse cutting needs.

metal sheet for cutting







Industry Segments that use MJT Series Waterjet

The MJT waterjet system is designed for heavy industrial use in a wide range of industries where other cutting methods, such as laser, router, milling or plasma and not desirable. While waterjet is not always the best method of cutting, it is the most flexible cutting system available, since it can cut literally any material. We help our customers evaluate different cutting methods to see if waterjet makes sense, and analyze pros and cons of each method to identify which system provides the best ROI and lowest cost per part. Waterjet machines are used in a vast range of manufacturing sectors in Canada and beyond.

water jet Weld-prep

Weld Prep

water jet Stone-cutting

Stone Cutting 

water jet Prototyping


water jet Trimming


water jet Stone fabrication

Marble & Stone

The MJT 5 axis bridge type waterjet is built on the same rugged platform as the MJT 3 axis model. The addition of a simultaneous 5 ax cutting head and high speed Bosch controller allows for smooth cuts of bevels and other complex geometry. This machine uses high speed controller/processors normally only found on 5 axis milling machines, allowing for smooth calculations and motion even on complex 3D models.   This feature is perfect for cutting metals when heat affected zone (HAZ) is an issue, or when you need to cut  non metallic materials like stone, plastics, rubber, or your mother-in law.


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