High-Performance Plasma with Hypertherm Components

ProCut CNC Plasma Cutting Machine


The Mikon ProCut CNC Plasma is a robust, heavy-duty machine for steel service centers and fabrication shops, featuring Hypertherm XPR plasma power supplies, torches, and Edge control, with options for dual plasma torches, OXY torch, and milling/drilling/tapping capabilities.

ProCut CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Stand-alone or Gantry

mounted HyperTherm

Edge Control

Bridge and rail motion

system (not mounted to


Standalone water table

or downdraft table

One or two HyperTherm

Plasma torches with

height sensing

Heavy duty bellows with

steel tube gantry

Heavy capacity table/slats with

up to 1500kg per M

Standard Specifications
  • 3 Axis Automatic Cutting HeadHypertherm Edge Connect CNC
  • Hypertherm Edge Connect CNC
  • Hypertherm Plasma Power Source
  • 19,5″ Touch Screen
  • Hypertherm Pronest Nesting software
  • True Hole Technology
  • Torch Collision Protection System
  • Automatic Torch Height Controle
  • Axis positioning accuracy ± 0,02 mm
  • Axis positioning seed max. 20 m/min.
  • Remote assistance
  • Laser pointer for plate alignment
  • Automatic dust and fume extraction system
  • Pause / resume last part (Eg. electricity cut)
  • Plasma Power Sources
    • HPRXD Series
      • HPR400XD
      • HPR800XD
    • XPR Series
      • XPR170 – choice of CORE / VVVI / OPTIMIX Automatic Gas consoles
      • XPR300 – choice of CORE / VVVI / OPTIMIX Automatic Gas consoles
  • Oxy Cutting System with capacitive sensor system
  • Oxy Cutting System with Auto Gas Console
  • Tube Cutting
  • Downfraft Fume Filtration System
  • Lateral downdraft for slag collection system
  • ProNest Software
  • Metalix Software 
procut cnc plasma

Versatile Material Cutting

This advanced Procut CNC Plasma machine efficiently handles a variety of materials, offering precise cuts for industrial, construction, and design applications. Its versatility in processing different metal types makes it an essential tool for efficient and accurate metal fabrication, underlining its pivotal role in streamlining production processes.




Stainless Steel 


Transforming Industries with Procut CNC Plasma

The ProCut CNC Plasma Technology elevates precision and efficiency, making a significant impact on Heavy Fabrication, Mining, and Pressure Vessel industries. In Heavy Fabrication, it accelerates the creation of intricate components with remarkable accuracy. For the Mining Industry, it enhances the durability and quality of equipment fabrication. In the realm of Pressure Vessels, the technology’s exactness in manufacturing is crucial for safety and performance, proving pivotal for businesses aiming to improve their operational quality and efficiency.

Heavy Fabrication

Heavy Fabrication

Minining Industry

Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessels

The Mikon procut CNC Plasma spares no expense in engineering and building a robust, heavy duty machine ready for use in steel service centers and other fabrication shops running multiple shifts per day. Utilizing Hypertherm XPR high definition plasma power supplies and torches, Hypertherm Edge  control, this system is designed for years of rugged metal fabrication use. With options for dual plasma torches, OXY torch, even milling/drilling/tapping options, this machine will do it all!

Download Your Machine Layout Now

If you require a detailed overview of the Procut CNC Plasma Cutting Machine’s layout, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can provide the layout details for your preferred machine size, ensuring you have all the necessary information to make the best decision for your needs.

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