Reliable and robust CNC Fiber Laser machine, paired with software that provides advanced nesting capabilities.

MT Series CNC Fiber Laser

The MT Series CNC Fiber Laser is a precise, easy-to-set-up cutting machine with advanced nesting software, ideal for thin to medium materials, offering faster, finer cuts, reduced waste, and lower maintenance costs compared to plasma, waterjet, and CO2 lasers.

Fiber Laser MT series sideView

1550x3100mm Enclosed Cutting

area. Large, enclosed work area

allows for generous sheet

sizes and safer operations.

Resonator options up to 12 kW

amplifying and stabilizing the

output power, allowing for more

precise and stable performance.

Monobloc Structure that

greatly reduces vibration,

ensuring precision in every


CNC with 21.5” touchscreen

Standard Specifications
  • IPG Photonics® Fiber
  • Laser Source 4KW-12KW
  • Precitec® Cutting Head
  • Acceleration 2G
  • Axis Speeds (X,YSimultaneous Speed)110m/min
  • Positioning Accuracy 0.05mm
  • Repeatability 0.03mm
  • CNC with 21.5″
  • Touchscreen
  • Auto Nozzle Cleaning and Calibration
  • Anti Collision System
  • Shuttle Table
  • Light Guard
  • Available With Maxphotonics PRO Source 4KW and 6KW
  • Available With Raytools Cutting Head
  • Jet Filter Fume Filtration

5’x10′ (1525x3100mm) 

5’x20′ (1525x6000mm) 

6′x12′ (2000x4000mm) 

6′x’20 (2000x6100mm) 

6′x’25 (2000x8000mm) 

8′x’40 (2500x12200mm) 

Metalix Auto Nesting Software 

fiber laser cnc machine - MT series
product-cut by fiber laser cnc machine
product-image-cut by fiber laser cnc machine
fiber Lase MT series front view

Versatile Material Cutting

Discover the MT Series CNC Fiber Laser, a cutting-edge solution for versatile and precise cutting needs across multiple industries. Ideal for a wide range of applications, this laser cutter not only offers high accuracy but also unparalleled adaptability to various projects, making it perfect for both demanding industrial applications and innovative creative use. Elevate your cutting quality and efficiency with the MT Series, designed to excel in processing a diverse array of materials. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of materials that this advanced machine can expertly cut, showcasing its broad capabilities and the potential to revolutionize your manufacturing or creative projects with its precise and efficient performance.




Stainless Steel 



Transforming Industries with Precision Cutting

Experience the cutting-edge capabilities of the MT Series CNC Fiber Laser, a pivotal tool in reshaping key industries. Excelling in Aerospace, Signmaking, and Boating, this laser cutter brings unparalleled precision and efficiency to your projects. Whether crafting intricate aerospace components, creating impactful signs, or shaping durable boating materials, the MT Series stands as the go-to solution for industry professionals seeking reliability and excellence in their work.




Metal Fabrication


Agricultural Equipment

Exploring Real-World Success Stories

Mikon MT1530 Fiber Laser 6KW

Boss Steel

Boss Steel is a family owned metal fabrication and welding shop based in Richmond Hill. In addition to fabrication services, Boss Steel also supplies raw material for a variety of of metalworking applications and carries a large inventory of sheetmetal, corner guards, angle iron, and more.

The MT Series CNC Fiber Laser is a tough cutting machine that’s easy to set up and delivers precise cuts. Equipped with advanced nesting software to maximize efficiency. Suitable for a variety of advanced manufacturing techniques utilizing thin to medium materials – excels with thinner materials. Compared to plasma or waterjet technology, Fiber Laser CNC machines generally work faster and create finer cuts. Fiber Laser CNC also offers less frequent maintenance and costs significantly less to service than CO2 lasers. Reduce waste and cut faster. Boost productivity and minimizing operational expenses.

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MT Fiber Laser CNC Machine
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fiber laser cnc machine

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