Apex Metal Fabrication

Apex Metal Fabrication, based in Toronto, excels in high-quality metal work for the retail and store fixture industry. Their services include design, welding, bending, and polishing, all tailored to meet the exacting standards of a market where image is paramount. To maintain superior quality and fast turnaround times, Apex Metal Fabrication utilizes the Mikon LF GA Series Fiber Laser, a vital asset in their production process.

Apex Metal Fabrication is dedicated to delivering exceptional metal fabrication services, focusing on precision and craftsmanship. By specializing in the retail and store fixture sector, they understand the critical importance of aesthetics and durability in their products. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in every project they undertake.

Apex Metal Fabrication’s Advanced CNC Machinery

The Mikon LF GA Series Fiber Laser has been integral to Apex Metal Fabrication’s operations for the past three years. This advanced fiber laser machine allows the company to produce parts in-house, eliminating the need for external suppliers. This capability not only speeds up production but also ensures that every part meets their stringent quality standards.

Benefits of the Mikon LF GA Series Fiber Laser

  • Enhanced In-House Capabilities: The fiber laser enables Apex Metal Fabrication to control the entire production process, ensuring consistent quality and reducing lead times.
  • High-Quality Cuts: The Mikon LF GA Series Fiber Laser provides precise, clean cuts essential for the detailed and polished finishes required in the retail fixture industry.
  • Increased Production Speed: By producing parts internally, Apex Metal Fabrication can respond quickly to customer demands and manage urgent orders efficiently.
  • Cost Efficiency: Keeping production in-house reduces reliance on external suppliers, lowering overall costs and enabling competitive pricing.
Mikon-LF-GA-Series-Fiber-laser Apex Metal Fabrication

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