At Mikon Machinery, we believe in offering our customers a CHOICE in software.  In other words, we do not force you to use one particular software package to run a machine.   CNC machines simply follow point to point instructions generated by CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software . There are many CAM software packages on the market that work with our CNC machines. A few examples are listed below.


Primarily excelling in the sign and graphics industry, Enroute, a comprehensive CAM software, offers specialized features for texturing, raster to vector conversion, and other critical aspects of sign making. Its applications extend to both CNC routers and knife cutters, making it a versatile choice for various programming needs. Enroute is notably compatible with all Mikon and MultiCam routers, as well as most other 3-axis CNC routers on the market, standing out for its broad machine compatibility. It offers flexible licensing options, with both annual and permanent licenses available to suit your diverse needs.

  • CNC Router 
  • Knife Cutter Programming

Strong in sign/graphics industry, with special emphasis on texturing, raster to vector conversion, and other aspects of sign making router applications.

all Mikon and MultiCam routers, as well as  most other 3 axis CNC routers on the market

Monthly Subscription or 12-month Timed licenses available


Metalix software was developed specifically for the sheetmetal industry and integrates with many types of CNC Laser, CNC Punch, CNC Press Brake  and CNC Plasma cutting machines.  In addition to creating programs for these machines, Metalix also provides excellent nesting features for CAD geometry to ensure maximum material yield per sheet.   Our Mikon Laser machines include a license of CNCKad  module from Metalix that include bridge and common line cutting, micro tabs, vaporizing options for plastic film, etching/engraving, and material libraries for accurate job estimates. 

  • CNC Laser
  • CNC Plasma
  • CNC Punch
  • CNC Press brake

Metalix is developed for the sheet metal industry, working from a variety of CAD data, including options for ERP integration

All Mikon laser systems, as well as machine tools from other builders

An offline PC license of CNCKad from Metalix is included with our MT and MH Lasers,


AlphaCam excels in woodworking and millwork for 3-5 axis CNC machinery, making it ideal for sophisticated cabinetry and carving applications. It is compatible with all Mikon and MultiCam routers, as well as a broad range of other CNC routers. AlphaCam offers both annual and permanent licenses, providing flexibility to suit various operational needs.

Woodworking/Millwork 3-5 Axis

  • Cabinetry/Millwork,
  • horizontal and 5 axis machining, 
  • suited toward higher end woodworking and carving applications

All Mikon and MultiCam routers, as well as  most other 3-5 axis  flat table or pod style  CNC routers on the market

Annual or Permanent Licenses available

V Carve Pro

VCarve Pro, a leading CAM software, is designed to maximize the potential of your CNC router, offering an intuitive yet powerful platform for creating detailed 2D patterns and 3D models. Ideal for both simple and complex CNC tasks, it supports a wide array of toolpath options for 2D profiling, pocketing, and inlay work, as well as advanced 2.5D strategies like V-Carving and Prism Carving. 

The software also excels in importing and machining single 3D models from various file types. With $2000 worth of free 2D and 3D clipart included, VCarve Pro not only boosts your design creativity but also ensures precise and efficient machining. Its comprehensive toolpath preview and editing features provide complete control over the CNC machining process, making it an indispensable tool for anyone looking to leverage the full capabilities of their CNC router.

2D and 3D routing, carving , Raster to Vector machining

Sign Industry/Graphics , General woodworking

All Mikon and MultiCam routers, as well as most 3 axis CNC routers on the market

Annual or Permanent Licenses available


Mastercam stands out as a comprehensive CNC router CAM software solution, adept in both 2D and 3D routing and capable of managing complex 5-axis machining from solid models. It’s highly compatible with all Mikon and MultiCam routers, as well as a majority of 3-5 axis CNC routers and mills. Mastercam is ideal for job shops and custom routing applications where the use of 3D solid models is crucial. 

It offers permanent licenses and provides a full suite of features including toolpath and geometry nesting, aggregate head support, and full 2- through 5-axis cutting capabilities. From CAD design to final production, Mastercam ensures efficient, safe, and versatile CNC programming for a variety of materials, catering to both hobbyists and professional manufacturers. Its flexibility and powerful tool motion options make it a top choice for those seeking to maximize the performance of their CNC routers

  • 2D and 3D routing
  • horizontal/aggregate tooling
  • 5 axis machining from surface and solid models

Job Shops and Custom routing applications, when ability to use 3D solid models/assemblies is key

All Mikon and MultiCam routers, as well as majority 3-5 axis CNC routers and CNC mills

Permanent licenses available

Our diverse range of CAM software, including AlphaCam, Enroute, and VCarve Pro, offers tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of your CNC machining projects. Each software brings its own set of advanced features, ensuring that no matter your specific requirements, you have the right tools at your disposal for efficient and precise machining. If you require further information or would like a consultation to determine the best CAM software for your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is ready to provide you with the guidance and support necessary to optimize your CNC operations.