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Mikon Vesta Pro CNC router

The Vesta Pro has been engineered to help alleviate the #1 issue facing our customers- a shortage of labour. While no machine can completely replace a competent operator, modern loading, unloading and self cleaning systems can greatly increase the hourly output of your staff. 

Mikon Vesta Pro CNC router

Automatic Sheet loader

(up to 90 kg per sheet capacity)

PC Workstation/controller

with remote support

Enclosed work area with 11.5HP

spindle, gang drill blocks

Automatic pop up pins and

sheet alignment

Self cleaning table with 4

separate dust vacuum zones

Unloading conveyor with

dust collector

Spindle vibration sensor &

feedback to control

Pressurized automatic


Standard Specifications
  • 1.6m x 3.2m and other table sizes available
  • 11.5 HP  24,000 RPM HSK 63 spindle  
  • Spindle vibration sensor and monitoring
  • Tool changer with collision sensor
  • Tool length measurement probe
  • Automatic sheet loading and unloading
  • Automatic table cleaning during unload
  • Full PC with controller and software, plus hand held device
  • Automatic/programmable vacuum zones  
  • Programmable pop up pins and sheet guides to align material
  • Label printer and workstation for graphic placement of labels
  • Dual roller for material hold down during cutting
  • 5×5 Gang drills with 32mm spacing for shelf holes
Model Work Area
16321600mm x 3200mm
21372100 mm x 3700 mm

Other sizes available

Mikon Vesta pro is supplied with a 12 month license of AlphaCam software.  Customers are also welcome to use other CAM systems if they prefer.

Mikon vesta pro CNC Router machine
Mikon vesta pro CNC Router machine
Mikon vesta pro CNC Router machine

Versatile Material Cutting

Engineered for adaptability, this router excels in processing a range of key materials. Its precision in cutting Melamine makes it perfect for creating smooth, durable finishes in cabinetry and shelving. The Vesta-Pro handles Plywood with ease, ideal for both structural and decorative applications in construction and design. When working with MDF, Vesta Pro CNC router ensures accurate and clean cuts, essential for detailed furniture making and interior design projects. Its capability in shaping Solid Wood allows craftsmen to produce everything from intricate carvings to robust, elegant furniture pieces. The Vesta-Pro’s versatility in handling these materials makes it an invaluable tool for diverse and high-quality manufacturing needs.






Solid Wood

Solid Wood

Industry Segments that use Mikon Vesta pro CNC Router

 This advanced router system is specifically designed to meet the demands of several specialized sectors. In Furniture Making, the Vesta-Pro excels, enabling artisans to create both modern and traditional pieces with precision and ease. Its performance in Cabinetry is unmatched, offering the ability to produce intricate designs and perfect fits essential for high-quality cabinetry work. For Millwork, the router’s detailed accuracy and smooth operation make it ideal for crafting detailed trims, moldings, and architectural details. These capabilities make the Vesta-Pro CNC Router an indispensable tool for professionals in Furniture Making, Cabinetry, and Millwork, providing them with the technology to realize their creative visions and meet exacting industry standards.


Furniture Building

Mikon vesta pro CNC Router machine


Woodworking or Millwork


Mikon Vesta pro CNC Router layout

Download Your Machine Layout Now

Get a detailed look at the Mikon Vesta pro CNC Router with our downloadable machine layout. Easy and quick, it’s your first step to seamless integration!

Mikon vesta pro CNC Router machine
Mikon vesta pro CNC Router machine

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