Affordable CNC routing and knife cutting

Apex 3R CNC Router

Apex 1R CNC Router

The MultiCam Apex 1R CNC router is the machine of choice for sign industry, acrylic cutting, general routing, and offers the flexibility of a heavy industrial router, with the benefit of optional camera, and dual knives for digital finishing. 

Apex-1R Router CNC Machine

Heavy duty brass valves

for vacuum control

Tubular steel gantry for

increased vibration control

Heavy steel frame , welded

and stress relieved, for years

of rigidity

10 HP HSD spindle , with

optional tangential and

oscillating knives for digital


25mm phenolic table to

allow for custom vacuum

zones, completely flat,

wear resistant and thermally


Standard Specifications
  • 4’x8’, 5’x10’ and 5’x12’ work envelope available
  • 10HP 24,000 RPM spindle standard with 10 station tool changer
  • dual knife and camera available with automatic knife changer
  • rigid frame and gantry construction made from 3/8” steel, welded, stress relieved and finish machined
  • large helical rack and pinion and digital servo equipped motion system
  • 17HP regen blower for increased vacuum clamping of materials
  • available with oscillating knife
  • available with tangential knife and camera
  • oil mister for aluminum cutting
  • single phase power available (Special order)
60″ x 120″ (1524mm X 3048mm)
60″ x 120″ (1524mm X 3048mm)
83″ X 121″ (2108mm X 3073mm)

Compatible with many systems including

Apex 1R inner image
made in USA

Versatile Material Cutting

The Apex1R CNC Router excels in cutting a diverse array of materials. It efficiently processes plastics, MDF, and melamine, delivering precision and quality. The router also handles plywood and aluminum with ease, ensuring clean cuts. Its versatility extends to foam board and ACM, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.







Foam Board



Industry Segments that use Apex 1R CNC Router

The Apex 1R CNC Router is highly valued in several industries for its versatility and precision. In Sign Manufacturing, it’s essential for creating detailed and durable signs. The router excels in Plastic and Acrylic Machining, offering clean, precise cuts for various plastic-based projects. Additionally, its accuracy and efficiency in Woodworking and Millwork make it an indispensable tool for crafting intricate wooden designs and architectural millwork. This adaptability ensures the Apex1R is a key asset across these diverse sectors.


Sign Manufacturing

Plastics and Acrylic Machining

Plastics / Acrylic Machining

Woodworking or Millwork

Woodworking / Millwork

Affordable CNC routing and knife cutting capability with Apex 1R Router

Unlike most machines in this price range, the Apex 1R features an all-steel frame and table construction, heavy steel gantry and powerful spindle and vacuum pump options. This is no “light duty” router.   With many installations from cabinet makers to graphics companies, we are certain you will be pleased with the Apex 1R Router’s capabilities. For immediate assistance or queries, feel free to call us at (844) 579-8398 or fill out our consultation form, and our specialists will get back to you as soon as possible.

apex-1R layout

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Apex 1R

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