Discover the Versatility of CNC Machines at Mikon Machinery

At Mikon Machinery, we offer a selection of CNC cutting machines, each designed to support a range of crafting and manufacturing needs. Our commitment is to provide solutions that combine precision and efficiency, suitable for a variety of applications. From detailed works to heavy-duty tasks, our machines are built to deliver quality performance. 

Below, you can access detailed information on our diverse range of CNC cutting machines. Explore their features and capabilities to determine the right fit for your projects, and know that we are here to assist you in selecting the most suitable solution for your specific requirements.


Mikon Machinery CNC Router cutting machines features industrial-grade CNC routers, distinguished by their heavy-duty steel construction, ensuring durability and stability even under the most demanding workloads. Designed to cater to a broad spectrum of materials and varying thicknesses, these routers are equipped to handle everything from delicate woods and plastics to denser materials like metals and composites.

MultiCam Apex 1R

A versatile and efficient CNC router, ideal for smaller businesses, blending precision and ease-of-use in a compact design.


MultiCam Apex 3R

An advanced CNC router cutting machine known for its versatility and precision, designed to handle a diverse range of materials with ease.


MultiCam 5000 Series

A heavy-duty CNC router, engineered for high-speed, precision cutting across various industrial applications.

MultiCam 5000 Series


A robust and feature-rich cnc cutting machine, designed to excel in furniture building, cabinetry, and millwork, offering affordability and high performance.

Mikon-Orka CNC Router


A versatile and precision CNC router, catering to a wide range of applications from detailed woodworking to intricate cabinetry.

Mikon-Vesta CNC Router


The Alutech Automatic CNC Vertical Panel Saw is tailored for the ACM/Cladding industry, offering compact design and efficient processing of large sheets with advanced chip management.

Mikon-Alutech Automatic Panel Saw

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Fiber Laser

Fiber Laser CNC cutting machines offer unmatched precision and speed for metal cutting tasks. Utilizing advanced fiber optic technology, they efficiently cut through metals like steel and aluminum with high accuracy. These machines are perfect for industries requiring detailed cuts, such as automotive or aerospace, providing consistent quality and energy efficiency. With their advanced software capabilities, Fiber Laser Cutter CNCs are a reliable choice for both intricate and large-scale metal fabrication.

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Plasma CNC machines are exceptional in cutting materials like Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Steel, making them a go-to choice for various demanding sectors. They are particularly effective in Heavy Fabrication, adept at shaping robust components with precision. In the Mining Industry, these machines play a key role in fabricating durable equipment essential for rigorous operations. 

Plasma Cutting CNC technology is also crucial in manufacturing Pressure Vessels, ensuring clean and precise cuts for safety and efficiency. Agricultural Machinery, Industrial Conveyors, and Structural Steel Fabrication also benefit from the Plasma cutter CNC’s ability to handle heavy-duty cutting tasks with ease. These CNC cutting machines offer the perfect blend of speed, precision, and power, essential for industries that require reliable and efficient processing of tough materials.


BevelHead CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Excels in precise angled cuts, ideal for complex applications in heavy fabrication and industrial use


CompactCut CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Offering streamlined, efficient cutting, perfect for space-saving yet powerful metal fabrication


ProCut CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Designed for high precision and efficiency, ideal for advanced metal cutting tasks

Discover how our Plasma CNC machines can transform your metal fabrication process.


Waterjet CNC machines are renowned for their versatility and precision, capable of cutting a wide array of materials ranging from metals to composites, glass, and even stone. Utilizing a high-pressure stream of water, often mixed with abrasive particles, these machines make clean cuts without introducing heat or stress to the material. This attribute makes them particularly useful for materials that are sensitive to high temperatures. Waterjet CNCs are valued in industries where precision is paramount, such as aerospace, automotive, and art fabrication. 

They can effortlessly handle both thin and thick materials, providing an unmatched level of detail and finish quality. With their ability to cut complex shapes and patterns, waterjet CNC cutting machines are a powerful tool for any operation requiring intricate designs and high-precision cuts on a diverse range of materials.


3 Axis CNC Waterjet

Engineered for precise and efficient cutting of a variety of flat materials, providing accuracy and versatility in two-dimensional cutting tasks.


5 Axis CNC Waterjet

Expands cutting capabilities to three dimensions, enabling intricate and complex shapes to be cut with precision, ideal for detailed and sculptural projects.


Pure Water CNC Waterjet

In cutting softer materials, such as foam or rubber, using only high-pressure water, ensuring a clean and precise cut without abrasives.

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CO2 Laser CNC Cutting Machine

CO2 Laser CNC machines stand out for their adaptability and precision, making them ideal for working with a diverse range of materials including Composites, Fabric, Granite, Leather, MDF, Plywood, Steel, Stainless-Steel, and Wood. These machines are particularly valuable in industries where detail and fine cutting are essential. In Aerospace, they provide the precision necessary for cutting complex components. The Woodworking industry benefits from their ability to intricately shape and engrave wood and plywood with exceptional accuracy. 

In Boating, they are used for both structural components and decorative elements. For Job Shops, the CO2 Laser Cutting CNC machines offer the versatility to handle a wide variety of custom projects. They are also ideal for Specialty applications where unique materials require the gentle yet precise touch of a CO2 laser. These machines are a testament to the capability of laser technology to meet diverse and demanding cutting and engraving needs across various sectors.


Kern OptifFlex CO2 Laser Systems

Offering top-tier precision and versatility, ideal for advanced cutting and engraving across a wide range of materials

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