MH Series CNC Fiber Laser

MH Series CNC Fiber Laser

Revolutionizing Precision and Speed in Laser Cutting Technology

This state-of-the-art machine harnesses the power of fiber laser technology to offer unparalleled processing speeds with minimal kerf, ensuring maximum precision in every cut. Designed to excel in cutting thin materials, the MH Series dramatically reduces cycle times, outperforming other laser technologies with its faster laser beam and high cutting speeds. Not only does it boast 50% longer service intervals, but it also significantly cuts down on service costs by 50%. 

The MH Series is especially efficient in minimizing material waste, thereby saving on materials and boosting productivity. Ideal for businesses seeking to enhance their cutting operations, the MH Series CNC Fiber Laser represents a leap forward in laser cutting technology, combining speed, precision, and cost-effectiveness. With its advanced features, it stands as a key asset for industries requiring the highest standards of quality and efficiency in their cutting processes, ensuring a competitive edge in the market.

MH Series CNC Fiber Laser machines

Side loading table for more

rectangular footprint

CNC with 21.5” touch screen

Access door to cutting area

with integrated camera

Fume filtration system

Monobloc Structure that greatly

reduces vibration, ensuring

precision in every cut.

Standard Specifications
  • IPG Photonics® Fiber Laser Source
  • Precitec® Cutting Head
  • Acceleration 2.5G
  • Axes Speeds (X, Y Simultaneous Speed) 110m/min
  • Positioning Accuracy 0.05mm
  • Repeatability 0.03mm
  • CNC with 21.5″ Touchscreen
  • Metalix Auto Nesting Software
  • Auto Nozzle Cleaning and Calibration
  • Anti Collision System
  • Shuttle Table
  • Available With Maxphotonics PRO Source
  • Available With Raytools Cutting Head
  • Jet Filter
( WxL)
5’x10′ (1525x3100mm)
5’x20′ (1525x6000mm)
6′x12′ (2000x4000mm)
6′x’20 (2000x6100mm)
6′x’25 (2000x8000mm)

Metalix Auto Nesting Software 


Versatile Material Cutting

Discover the MH Series CNC Fiber Laser, a cutting-edge solution for versatile and precise cutting needs across a wide range of applications. This laser cutter stands out for its high accuracy and adaptability, catering to both industrial and creative projects. With the MH Series, you can expect an elevation in cutting quality, unmatched by traditional cutting methods. It’s designed to excel in industries like aerospace, sign-making, and boating, offering cost-effective operation with reduced material waste and service costs. Below is a detailed list of materials the MH Series can expertly process, demonstrating its wide capability spectrum.




Stainless Steel 



Transforming Industries with MH Series CNC Fiber Laser Cutting

Experience the cutting-edge capabilities of the MH Series CNC Fiber Laser, a pivotal tool in reshaping key industries. Excelling in Aerospace, Sign-making, and Boating, this laser cutter brings unparalleled precision and efficiency to your projects. Whether crafting intricate aerospace components, creating impactful signs, or shaping durable boating materials, the MH Series stands as the go-to solution for industry professionals seeking reliability and excellence in their work.




Metal Fabrication


Agricultural Equipment

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