• Installation Type: 1000 Series CNC Waterjet
  • Industry: Moulded And Fabricated Foam Parts
  • Customer Since: 2019
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kristoFOAM Industries Inc. is a full service supplier of custom foam packaging products and material handling and packaging systems (such as custom foam gaskets, cushion packaging and kits). Using a hands-on approach to product design, program launch and ongoing program support, they are considered an industry leader within the various markets they serve.

MultiCam Canada installed a 1000 Series CNC WaterJet, the perfect platform for accurate and quality cuts every time. The Multicam 1000 Series CNC Waterjet comes equipped with MultiCam’s EZ Control G-Code and Coreo software that ensures a simple yet effective workflow. Combined with Coreo, an intuitive CAD/CAM software, KristoFOAM will have the ability to draw, program, and cut within the same program.