Rigid Frame CNC Router for Millwork, Fixtures, and Plastics

Apex 3R CNC Router

Engineered for demanding applications, the Apex 3R CNC router excels in cutting thick plywood, melamine, plastics, and non-ferrous metals with precision and durability.

apex3r CNC router machines

robust all-steel construction

and thick tube steel frame

Versatile spindle options up to

32K RPM and 13.3 HP,

complemented by single or dual

knife choices

High-precision gearbox and

AC servo system on helical


All-Steel Construction:

The sturdy base frame is manufactured using thick tube steel, this robust design provides the stability and support for the machine to excel in cutting applications. With the ability to cut through materials up to 5 inches thick, the Apex 3R CNC router ensures minimal vibration and tight control during the entire cutting process, resulting in precision and accuracy that is unmatched in its class.

Multiple Cutting Technologies: 

Collet and ATC spindle options ranging from 24-32K RPM and up to 13.3 HP. Single or dual knives options: automatic drag knife changer, pneumatic or electric oscillating knife allowing the Apex 3R CNC router to deliver exceptional cutting capacity and speed on a wide variety of materials and applications.

Precise Cut Quality:

A high-precision gearbox and a tightly tuned AC servo motor system on 25 mm linear rails with a helical rack. This configuration ensures very low backlash and delivers pristine cut quality with precise accuracy.

Standard Specifications
  • 5’x10’,  5’x’12,  and 7’ x 12’ work envelope available
  • 13 HP 24,000  HSK 63 RPM spindle
  • Automatic tool changer (8-10 stations)
  • workstation with 24” monitor
  • 3/8” thick heavy tubular steel frame
  • 6”-8” gantry height
  • 17HP Regenerative Blower for increased vacuum clamping of materials
  • available with oscillating knife
  • available with tangential knife and camera
  • oil mister for aluminum cutting
  • Pop up pins for material location
  • Hands free surface probing and tool length measurement
  • Pneumatic table vacuum valves (instead of manual valves)
  • Rotary Tool Changer (instead of linear tool changer)
Model Inches Metric
103 53” x 100” 1346mm x 2540mm
204 63” x 121” 1600mm x 3073mm
304 83” x 121” 2108mm x 3073mm

Other sizes available

Compatible with many systems including

apex3r CNC router machines
apex3r CNC router machines
made in USA

Versatile Material Cutting

The Apex 3R CNC Router is adept at cutting a variety of materials with precision. It smoothly handles plastics, MDF, plywood, melamine, and foam board. Its capabilities extend to aluminum and ACM, making it perfect for tasks in sign manufacturing, plastic/acrylic machining, and woodworking.







Foam Board



Industry Segments that use Apex 3R CNC Router

Renowned for its versatility and precision, the Apex 3R CNC Router is an essential tool in various industry segments. In Furniture Building, it enables the creation of intricate and durable pieces. Its efficiency in Plastic or Acrylic Machining ensures precise and smooth finishes, vital for quality products. In the realms of Woodworking or Millwork, the Apex3R’s capability to execute detailed cuts and carvings is invaluable. These industries depend on the Apex 3R for its consistent performance and adaptability across diverse materials and complex projects.


Furniture Building

Plastics and Acrylic Machining

Plastics / Acrylic Machining

Woodworking or Millwork

Woodworking / Millwork

Engineered for demanding applications that require heavy cuts, large volume millwork, thick materials, and a rigid steel tubular frame, the Apex 3R CNC router has become a very popular. Designed to be able to cut thick plywood, melamine, plastics, and non ferrous metals all day long, the Apex 3R is built to last. Additional gantry clearance, a 13 HP spindle, surface probing and pop up pin options help the Apex 3R user produce accurate parts day after day. For immediate assistance or queries, feel free to call us at (844) 579-8398 or fill out our consultation form, and our specialists will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Apex 3R CNC Router
Apex 3R CNC Router

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