A Cost-Effective, Feature-Rich CNC Router for Furniture and Cabinetry

Mikon Orka CNC router

The Orka CNC router, designed for furniture, door, and cabinet making, offers features like a full PC workstation, automatic vacuum zones, pop-up pins, anti-collision sensors, and aggregate tooling for horizontal cutting, providing great value compared to German and Italian machines.

Mikon Orka CNC router

Toolchanger with optional

aggregate horizontal tooling

25 mm linear rail motion system

11.5HP spindle with optional

gang drills for shelving holes

Enclosed electrical cabinet

inside machine table to save


Cast Steel gantry supports to

absorb vibration

Automatic tool length

measurement probe

Standard Specifications
  • 5’ x 10’ and 7’ x12’ work envelope available
  • 11.5 HP  HSK63 spindle 24,000 RPM
  • Automatic Tool changer with 8-10 stations
  • Tool collision sensor in tool changer
  • Pressurized automatic lubrication
  • Automatic pop up pins ( can be activated by program)
  • Automatic table vacuum (can be activated by program)
  • Rigid, all steel frame and table with 25mm linear guides
  • Annual AlphaCam CAD/CAM license (permanent license available)
  • 25mm Phenolic table with vacuum zone channel grid
  • Remote assist and updates with WiFi enabled PC Controller
  • Automatic Tool Length Measurement probe
  • Available with horizontal aggregate tooling 
  • Additional pop up pins and riser blocks inside work area
  • 5×5 Gang Drill for shelf pins, 32mm spacing
  • Pressure Rollers for small parts or multiple sheet machining
  • Liquid cooled spindle
Model Inches Metric
Orka 163263” x 126”1600mm x 3200mm
Orka  213784” x 145”2140mm x 3700mm
Orka  214284” x  165”2140mm  x 4200 mm

Other sizes available

Mikon Orka is supplied with a 12 month license of AlphaCam software.  Customers are also welcome to use other CAM systems if they prefer.

Mikon Orka CNC router
Mikon Orka CNC router table
Mikon Orka CNC router

Versatile Material Cutting

This router is expertly tailored to handle a wide array of materials, essential in today’s dynamic manufacturing landscape. It skillfully cuts Melamine, a favorite in high-wear surfaces like countertops and cabinets, ensuring a smooth, durable finish. The router’s prowess with Plywood enables it to tackle everything from structural applications to intricate design projects. In working with MDF, the Orka CNC Router achieves precise, clean cuts, perfect for detailed and custom furniture making. Its ability to sculpt Solid Wood is equally impressive, allowing for the creation of robust furniture pieces and intricate wooden decor. This adaptability in cutting various materials makes the Orka CNC Router a key tool for businesses in furniture making, cabinetry, and beyond.






Solid Wood

Solid Wood

Industry Segments that use Mikon Orka CNC Router

Renowned for its versatility and precision, the Mikon Orka CNC Router is an essential tool in various industry segments. In Furniture Building, it enables the creation of intricate and durable pieces. Its efficiency in Plastic or Acrylic Machining ensures precise and smooth finishes, vital for quality products. In the realms of Woodworking or Millwork, the Mikon Orka’s capability to execute detailed cuts and carvings is invaluable. These industries depend on the Mikon Orka for its consistent performance and adaptability across diverse materials and complex projects.


Furniture Building

Mikon vesta pro CNC Router machine


Woodworking or Millwork


The Orka CNC router features several options offered by European builders to help increase productivity.  Built to focus on Furniture, Door and Cabinet making industries, the Orka is a surprisingly affordable, yet feature rich production machine.  A full PC workstation, automatic vacuum zones and pop up pins controlled by the CNC program, anti collision sensors, and available aggregate tooling for horizontal cutting are just some of the great options available with the Orka.  We invite you to compare you to compare features and pricing to similar machines from Germany and Italy, as we are confident that the value proposition from Mikon Orka is hard to beat!

Mikon Orka

Download Your Machine Layout Now

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Mikon Orka CNC router changing
Mikon Orka CNC router inner view

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