compactcut plasma

CompactCut CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Space-Efficient Design Meets High-Speed Precision

The Mikon CompactCut  CNC plasma machine features a unitized body design for floor space savings.   With 25mm helical rack and pinion system, it is a fast, reliable, and easy to use platform that is easy to install and move if needed.  Depending on customer needs, this machine is available with either high definition plasma or standard air plasma power supply.

CompactCut CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Hypertherm Edge Connect

CNC Control

Unitized table (Water

table or downdraft


25mm oversized helical

rack and pinion with


Hypertherm Torch with

height sensing/collision


Heavy duty bellows resistant

to sparks and smoke

Standard Specifications
  • Hypertherm Edge Connect CNC 
  • Hypertherm Plasma Power Supply
  • 19.5” Touch Screen
  • Torch Protection System Against Impact
  •  Automatic torch Height Control
  • Axis Positioning Accuracy ± 0.02mm
  • Axis Positioning Speed ​​± 15 m/min.
  • Remote Access possibility
  • Record corner adjustment using laser pointer
  • Fully automatic ventilation and smoke extraction system
  • Pause/Resume feature during cutting (E.g. Power Outage)
  • Monobloc Design
  • Plasma Power Source Types
    • HPRXD Series
      • HPR400XD
      • HPR800XD
    • XPR Series
      • XPR170 – with CORE, VWI and OPTIMIX Automatic Gas console options
      • XPR300 – with CORE, VWI and OPTIMIX Automatic Gas console options
    • MAXPRO200 _
    • POWERMAX Series – 45XP / 65 / 85 / 105 / 125
  • Auto Nesting program
    • Hypertherm Pronest LT Essential
    • Hypertherm Pronest LT Unlimited
    •  Hypertherm Pronest Advance
  • Pipe Cutting ø30x120mm
  • Manual Bevel Cutting Head (for XPR and HPRXD systems)
  • True Hole Technology (for XPR and HPRXD systems)
  • Downfraft Fume Filtration System
  • Drawer system for easy cleaning and time saving for the Cutting Table
TABLE WIDTH11501650165021502150
TABLE LENGTH 21553155630042006300
X AXIS10301530153020302030
Y AXIS21003100620041006200
  • ProNest Software
  • Metalix Software 
compactcut plasma

Versatile Material Cutting

The CompactCut CNC Plasma cutting machine efficiently handles various materials, offering precise cuts for industrial, construction, and design applications. Its versatility in processing different metal types makes it an essential tool for efficient and accurate metal fabrication.




Stainless Steel 


Transforming Industries with CompactCut CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

 In the world of Agricultural Machinery, this technology reshapes manufacturing processes, enabling the production of more durable and precise equipment. For Industrial Conveyors, the CompactCut CNC Plasma cutting machine  plays a crucial role in fabricating robust and complex components, essential for maintaining smooth and efficient operations. In Structural Steel Fabrication, its ability to handle heavy-duty materials with precision revolutionizes the construction of strong, reliable structures. This technology is essential in these industries, offering enhanced capabilities in cutting and shaping materials, thus driving innovation and quality in Agricultural Machinery, Industrial Conveyors, and Structural Steel Fabrication.


Agricultural Machinery


Industrial Conveyors


Structural Steel Fabrication

CompactCut CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Download Your Machine Layout Now

If you require a detailed overview of the CompactCut CNC Plasma Cutting Machine’s layout, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can provide the layout details for your preferred machine size, ensuring you have all the necessary information to make the best decision for your needs.

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