Discover the Versatility of Application of CNC Machines

At Mikon Machines, we specialize in the application of CNC machines across various industries, offering state-of-the-art technology for diverse fabrication and manufacturing needs. Our equipment excels in a multitude of tasks, from intricate designs to robust manufacturing. In the sections below, discover how our CNC machines provide unmatched precision, efficiency, and reliability for your specific application requirements. Dive into the detailed exploration of each application of CNC machines to see how our solutions can elevate your projects.

Diverse Application of CNC Machines

Composite Fabrication


Mikon Machinery Group provides a diverse range of CNC machines, enhancing the application of CNC machines in the woodworking industry. These CNC woodworking machines are known for boosting efficiency, precision, and versatility, making them indispensable tools in modern woodworking shops. Our lineup includes advanced automation tools for loading, unloading, labeling, and integrating with production scheduling software, ensuring high-quality production outcomes.

Industries that take advantage of CNC to improve automation and increase operational efficiencies: 

Cabinet Making, Furniture Manufacturing, Wood Carving, Architectural Millwork, Windows and Doors, 3D Carving, Solid Surface countertops, Sign Making, Prototyping and more.

CNC routers are often used for manufacturing cabinets, closets doors, fixtures and decorative inlays Intricate inlays and marquetry work can be created with precision and consistency. With the right software, you can complete more complex tasks such as nesting for greater operational efficiencies. Dowel and Tenon Production? With optional and onboard features, you can complete milling and drilling operations with high accuracy. 

Woodworking by cnc machines

Woodworking prototypes can be quickly and precisely created with CNC technology, allowing woodworkers to test their designs before committing to full-scale production. 

HVAC Metal Fabrication

Mikon Machinery Group offers an assortment of CNC cutting machines that are geared to serve the HVAC industry fabrication requirements Our lineup of CNC plasma and laser cutting machines can be employed to cut various materials used in HVAC systems, such as sheet metal and insulation materials. These machines offer high precision and can cut intricate shapes quickly.  

CNC technology has become increasingly prevalent in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) industry for various fabrication processes. CNC capabilities in HVAC fabrication supply several advantages, including precision, consistency, efficiency, and the ability to handle complex designs. Here are some of the key applications and capabilities of CNC technology in HVAC fabrication. CNC machines can be integrated with quality control processes to ensure that fabricated HVAC components meet industry standards and specifications. CNC technology improves production efficiency by reducing material waste, minimizing human error, and allowing for lights-out manufacturing, where machines can operate 24/7 with minimal human intervention. 

CNC advantages for the HVAC Community: 

  • Ductwork Fabrication,
  • Sheet Metal Folding and Forming,
  • Engraving and Marking,
  • Grills and Registers,
  • Insulation Cutting,
  • Rapid Prototyping


CNC machines can be used to cut sheet metal to produce ductwork components. This ensures precise and correct dimensions, leading to improved system performance and reduced air leakage.

HVAC system prototypes and custom components can be fabricated using CNC laser or plasma. This allows for the testing of modern designs and innovations in a controlled and accurate manner.


HVAC Metal Fabrication

CNC technology plays a pivotal role in the application of CNC machines for creating intricate and customized grilles and registers in HVAC systems, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, CNC knife cutters excel in cutting insulation materials to precise dimensions, ensuring HVAC systems are optimally insulated for superior energy efficiency and thermal control.

Metal Plate Fabrication

Mikon Machinery Group offers an assortment of Plasma, Waterjet, Fiber Laser and CO2 Laser CNC cutting machines capable of meeting the needs of the most complex application for metal plate fabrication. Depending on material thickness, accuracy needed, and largest allowable taper, we can recommend the correct Fiber Laser or High-Definition plasma machine. 

Industries that take advantage of CNC to improve automation and increase operational efficiencies: 



application of cnc machine andMetal Plate Fabrication







General Fabrication

Several types of metal plates, including steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and more. The specific CNC equipment and tooling may vary based on the material being processed. CNC offers high levels of accuracy and repeatability, ensuring that the finished products meet tight tolerances and specifications. Our plasma systems are available with either downdraft or water table configurations to control smoke and dust. Fiber laser systems are offered with efficient filtration systems to clean debris and smoke from the cutting process.  

Sign Fabrication

Mikon Machinery Group offers a wide variety of CNC cutting machines tailored to the sign fabrication industry, including knife cutting as well as combo router/knife cutting machines.  

CNC routers, lasers and knife cutters can accurately cut various materials commonly used in sign fabrication, with Multi-Material Compatibility, the right CNC will help automate fabrication processes for many materials, including, wood, plastic, metal, foam, acrylic, and more, allowing for precise shapes and intricate designs.  CO2 lasers are also offered and commonly used for cuttig acrylics in the sign industry. 

Functionality for the sign industry: 

  • Create detailed engravings on sign materials, adding text, logos, or decorative patterns to enhance the appearance of the sign.  
  • Use routers to create 3D signs or raised lettering by routing into materials like wood, foam, and plastics.  
  • V-Carving to create intricate and decorative text or designs on sign surfaces.  
  • Channel Letter Fabrication made possible to cut out the individual components of channel letters, including the faces, backs, and trim caps.  
  • They can also perforate the faces to allow for illuminated signage. 
sign fabrication

Stone and Glass

Mikon Machinery provides equipment to the Stone /Tile cutting industry as well as the glass industry in the form of Abrasive waterjet MJT 3 axis and MJT 5 axis models. The stone industry can cut any imaginable shape in granite , quartz, marble, and other natural stone materials. Abrasive waterjet can be used for sink cutouts, faucet holes, as well as bevelled edges for a striking appearance. The additional functionality of a 5 axis cutting head allows for tapers up to 60 degrees from vertical. Tile inlays can be easily manufactured on the MJT 3 axis waterjet to tight tolerances, ensuring a great fit every time. 

Glass fabrication companies utilize waterjet machines for shower doors, custom cutouts, thick / bulletproof glass types, and complex architectural glass inlays. The MJT waterjet machines feature special low pressure piercing strategies to minimize the chance of glass shattering during the initial pierce. Our technicians will also be happy to work with you to learn how to minimize frosting, chipping and other potential issues that can occur during cutting this brittle material.

water jet Stone fabrication
glass fabrication by CNC machine

Foam Fabrication

Various grades and thicknesses of foam are used in the packaging industry worldwide. Foam cutting is generally done by one of two common processes, both of which can be done on equipment from Mikon Machinery Group. When full depth profiles are needed,  waterjets using pure water (no abrasive) are commonly used. Since foam is a low density material, abrasive is not needed, greatly lowering the operating cost compared to abrasive waterjet cutting. Foam can be cut using pure water up to 75mm thick with minimal taper. 

Most of our packaging/foam industry customers utilize multi head machines that have 3-4 cutting heads, cutting multiple pieces at once. Some types of foam packaging require partial depth cuts/pockets, often used for case goods , cameras, military optics and more.  In situations where only a partial depth cut is needed (pocketing) a CNC router or CNC router/knife cutting combo machine is utilized. Oscillating knife can quickly finish the walls of foam pockets, while a router bit can quickly remove the material in the middle of the pocket.   Dust collection systems around the spindle allow for fast clean up of chips, ensuring minimum downtime.  Contact us today to discuss your foam cutting application! 

Equipment Case manufactured

Equipment Case manufactured by our customer Impact Cases in Markham ON