Alutech Automatic CNC Vertical Panel Saw

The Solution for ACM/Cladding Industry

Mikon Alutech Automatic CNC Vertical Panel Saw

Designed for the ACM/Cladding industry, the Alutech CNC router efficiently handles 16’ ACM sheets, uses minimal floor space, and features a chip collection system and an aggregate saw blade for faster long cuts.

Alutech Automatic CNC Vertical Panel Saw

PC Based CNC controller

with optional Cladding

/ACM design software


Automatic router tool

changer with aggregate

saw option

High speed gantry for rigid,

accurate motion

Phenolic vaccum table with

multiple vacuum zones for

work holding

Heacvy duty chip extraction

hose to connect to chip


Standard Specifications
  • 2m x 5m work envelope to handle 16’ sheets (other sizes available)
  • PC based control system
  • pressurized automatic lubrication
  • Automatic tool changer  
  • tool length measurement probe
  • 24000 RPM HSK 63 spindle
  • 1 year AlphaCam License
  • C axis spindle for aggregate saw tooling
  • Dual blade aggregate tooling (grooving and through cutting of straight lines)
  • Second vacuum pump
  • AlphaCam 3D license (perpetual )
Model Work Area
16321600mm x 3200mm
22402200mm x 4000mm
22502200mm x 5000mm

Other sizes available

Alutech Automatic CNC Vertical Panel Saw
Alutech Automatic CNC Vertical Panel Saw
Alutech Automatic CNC Vertical Panel Saw

Versatile Material Cutting

Designed specifically for the needs of the ACM/Cladding industry, the Alutech stands out with its compact design that efficiently utilizes minimal floor space, while still being capable of handling large 16’ sheets of Aluminum Composite Material (ACM). This innovative machine ensures that chips fall away from the cutting area, effectively captured by its advanced chip collection system, maintaining a clean work environment.

Its built-in aggregate saw blade enables long, straight cuts at remarkable speeds, outperforming traditional router bits. This makes the Mikon Alutech CNC router ideal for creating precise, high-quality panels and cladding in architectural applications, sign making, and decorative façades, setting a new standard in ACM processing.

Alutech Automatic CNC Vertical Panel Saw - for ACM material


Industry Segments that use Mikon Alutech CNC Router

Tailored for precision and efficiency, the Alutech is an invaluable asset in the Architectural Cladding and Construction sectors, where it excels in producing high-quality cladding panels and architectural elements. Its ability to handle large sheets and achieve precise cuts quickly makes it a go-to solution for these industries, where accuracy and speed are paramount. Additionally, the Alutech’s performance in the Sign Industry is unmatched, offering the capability to create detailed and durable signage with ease. The versatility and reliability of the Mikon Alutech CNC Router make it a cornerstone tool for professionals in Architectural Cladding, Construction, and the Sign Industry, driving innovation and quality in their work.


Architecural Cladding




Sign industry

Engineered specifically for the needs of the ACM/Cladding industry, the Alutech CNC router uses minimal floor space and is large enough to handle 16’ sheets of ACM quickly and efficiently. The design of the Alutech CNC router allows for chips to fall away from the cut and be captured by the chip collection system. Long straight cuts can be quicly achieved using the built in aggregate saw blade at speeds that router bits simply cannot match.


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Alutech Automatic CNC Vertical Panel Saw
Mikon Alutech ACM RouterSaw

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