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Mikon MT1530 Fiber Laser 6KW

Boss Steel

Boss Steel is a family owned metal fabrication and welding shop based in Richmond Hill. In addition to fabrication services, Boss Steel also supplies raw material for a variety of of metalworking applications and carries a large inventory of sheetmetal, corner guards, angle iron, and more.

Boss Steel specializes in metal fabrication and welding services, offering a diverse range of raw materials for metalworking applications alongside an extensive inventory that includes sheet metal, corner guards, angle iron, and more. To enhance their operational efficiency and reduce reliance on external suppliers, Boss Steel has invested in a new 6KW Mikon MT1530 Fiber Laser. This powerful equipment is designed to accelerate production processes, providing customers with the flexibility of quicker turnaround times for precision profile cutting jobs.

The 6KW Mikon laser significantly boosts Boss Steel’s in-house capabilities, allowing them to process materials such as mild steel up to 25mm thick and stainless steel up to 12mm thick with precision and ease. This advancement not only improves their service offering but also supports a broader range of projects, from intricate custom pieces to large-scale industrial components. The integration of this fiber laser technology is a testament to Boss Steel’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge tools to deliver superior results and customer satisfaction.

Boss Steel

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