Airia brands

Based in London, Ontario, Airia Brands is a renowned manufacturer of residential and commercial indoor air quality systems. With 30 years of experience, Airia Brands Inc. has established itself as a global leader in innovation through their Lifebreath line of indoor climate control and air quality products. Recently, MultiCam Canada installed the 1000 CNC Waterjet and KMT Waterjet Streamline® SL-V Series 60,000 PSI at Airia Brands, enhancing their manufacturing precision and efficiency.
  • Installation Type: 1000 CNC Waterjet with KMT Waterjet Streamline® SL-V Series

Airia Brands specializes in creating cutting-edge indoor air quality products that improve the health and comfort of indoor environments. Their extensive experience and commitment to innovation have earned them a reputation for excellence in the industry. The addition of advanced CNC waterjet technology aligns with their mission to provide high-quality, reliable products.

Airia Brands’ Advanced CNC Machinery

The 1000 CNC Waterjet, equipped with the KMT Waterjet Streamline® SL-V Series 60,000 PSI, is a state-of-the-art cutting system installed by MultiCam Canada. This machine is ideal for companies that require high precision in cutting materials such as rubber, foam, vinyl, and textile. The 1000 CNC Waterjet offers numerous customizable options, including two and three head configurations, a laser pointer, and a CNC computer interface station.

Benefits of the 1000 CNC Waterjet

  • High Precision: The 1000 CNC Waterjet delivers precise cuts essential for manufacturing high-quality air quality products, ensuring components meet exact specifications.
  • Versatility: This waterjet system can handle various materials, including rubber, foam, vinyl, and textile, making it suitable for diverse manufacturing needs.
  • Customizable Options: With features like multiple head configurations and a laser pointer, the 1000 CNC Waterjet can be tailored to specific production requirements, enhancing flexibility and efficiency.
  • Advanced Control: The CNC computer interface station simplifies operation, allowing for precise control and easy programming, which increases productivity.
Airia Brands' Advanced CNC Machinery used mikon cnc waterjet

The installation of the 1000 CNC Waterjet reflects Airia Brands’ dedication to technological advancement and excellence in manufacturing. This investment allows them to meet the increasing demand for high-quality indoor air quality products while maintaining their commitment to precision and efficiency.

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